MTD Privacy Policy

Last updated 18th December 2023

This notice describes how we collect, use, disclose, hold and protect personal or business information that is collected by the SkyVAT web application.

Who we are

This Privacy Policy applies to the SkyVAT application offered by Skynet Applied Systems LTD, a company incorporated and registered in England with the company registration number 2320601 and whose registered office address is 209 Kensington High St, London W8 6BD.

What information we collect

The SkyVAT software collects and stores information on your database server. For each successful VAT submission, we store the following information in your server’s database:

  • Your VAT Number
  • HMRC Refresh token
  • HMRC Access token

We do not collect or process any special categories of personal data, as defined under GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018.

Link to HMRC API

For SkyVAT to connect to HMRC on your behalf, the web application will ask you to login using your Government Gateway account. The web application will direct you to the government gateway sign in screen where you can allow SkyVAT to be authorised to submit VAT returns on your behalf to HMRC. We do not access or store your Government Gateway username or password. By signing in, you grant SkyVAT the right to access to view and submit returns on your behalf.

Information sent to HMRC

The information that is sent to the HMRC server via the HMRC API. VAT Return Submission:

  • VAT Number
  • Values of Box 1 To 9
  • Period Key

Fraud prevention headers

Compliance with HMRC to help prevent fraud, requires us to collect details about your current browser and session. These details are not stored in our data, and only are sent with any submission to HMRC directly.

You are cannot opt-out of the collection of this data.

The data that is collected:

  • Time-zone – The time-zone your device is currently set to.
  • Timestamp – The timestamp your device is currently set to.
  • Connection – how you connect to the software. Via the web or server.
  • Unique device ID – ID to identify the computer submitting the return.
  • Public IP – The public IP address used for the submission.
  • Public Port – The public Port address used for the submission.
  • Screen information – This includes the width, height, scaling factor and colour depth of all screens connected to your device.
  • Window size – The width and height of the current browser window.
  • User browser – Identifying the current browser you are using.

Sharing of information

We do not share any information submitted via SkyVAT with any one apart from the HMRC Government VAT MTD service. This information is limited to the current VAT submission details and any other details required for that submission. Any information provided to us by you will not be used nor shared with any third party.

Changes to this privacy policy

Any changes made to this privacy policy will be updated and posted to our web-site

Contact us

If you have any questions or suggestions about our privacy policy then please contact us at