Employee Appraisals

Standalone employee performance reviews on the web. Help your employees develop with flexible performance reviews.

Employee Reviews

Web-based digital entry records

Save time by eliminating paper based reviews. Allow employees to enter reviews digitally and accessible from anywhere, at anytime, giving both employees and managers quick and easy access to reviews.

digital employee reviews

Employee and manager reviewing

Give both your employees and managers access to write and submit reviews. Allow employees to fill in their own reviews, and for managers to fill in their own and review everyone reporting to them.

Employee and manager scores

Allow employees and managers to enter scores when evaluating each type of performance. See the total score set by managers for the employees.

reviews scores

Download summary of scores

Easily download and export all of the employee total scores set by managers into a Microsoft Excel document. Download reports for the period of the reviews you need.

Email reminders for reviews

Allow employees and managers to receive email reminders of when reviews have been updated, submitted and ready for completion.