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Keep your Customers Satisfied and Returning

Commerce companies and business services companies have worked with Skynet since its inception almost 30 years ago. Since then we have always ensured that we keep up-to-date with changing trends and new requirements in these sectors.

With proven & trusted sector expertise in project-centric industries, Skynet helps firms navigate modern business challenges in Project Accounting, Resource Scheduling and maintaining Profitability. Our software has been developed to allow you to focus on your actual business and to enable you to have the data available that you need to price competitively and protect your margins.

Key Features with in-built functionalities

  • Job Costing
    Leading web-based resource planning App. Ensure commercial viability and effective use of your agency resources – access from anywhere @ anytime.
  • HR / Payroll Management
    Helping commerce and business services companies to focus on creating leading ideas and the delivery, taking the pain out of employee administration.
  • Cash Flow Forecasting
    Scenario-based, flexible and collaborative bringing clarity to your numbers. Puts you into control of your Cash Flow.
  • Financial Management
    Invoicing, billing and record keeping. Provides complete visibility and control over budgets, finances and compliance.
  • Project Management
    For being in control of every step in your client projects. Flexible and easy to use.
  • Time & Expense Management
    Put the approval of time sheets, expenses and workflow onto the cloud.

Key Benefits

  • Multi-company, multi-currency, multi-lingual
  • GDPR compliant
  • Our software can be installed as web-based or as on-premise solution
  • Comprehensive Financial Management plus Ledgers
  • Data Analytics functionality built in across our software solutions. Comes with a wide range of readily available dashboards and the ability to customise. Allows for export of data into Excel, PowerPoint and other data presentation programs
  • Reporting formats can be defined by the user, results can easily be shared with the project team and exported
  • High integration capabilities with other common productivity tools

Contact Information

Skynet Applied Systems
28 Queen Street

(+44) – (020) 7236 3777

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