Services included with our solutions

Extra help with our software and your business needs


This is an essential part of the implementation process for SkyEnterprise software. Consulting involves a member of our team going with you through your business processes to determine how the software system defaults should be set up.

Consulting usually takes between one and two days, depending on the size of your organisation (smaller organisations will take less time). Once the settings are determined, your system can be configured to your specific needs and will be ready to be installed.


This is the next step. It is usually undertaken within 48 hours of the consulting process being completed. Installation can take place either on your organisation’s server or in the web-based cloud. Please contact us for details of server specifications and operating system requirements.*

Once the software is installed, it is ready for use. We will provide you with a test database so that you have the opportunity to try out transactions before posting them into the live system. We recommend Training so that your organisation receives immediate benefits of our software tools.

*As a guideline, the software requires a Microsoft Windows operating system to run and Microsoft SQL Server for the database. Please contact us for details of running SkyEnterprise from a Mac environment.


We tailor the training to your requirements so that it is focused on processes that are crucial to you. In our experience training in a small group is preferable as your employees can learn from each other but we equally can provide training for individuals if preferable.

Training takes place either at your offices or at Skynet in the heart of the City of London. It is advisable to book initial training at the time of your software purchase so that you can start to use your system immediately. It usually takes place in half day. More customised software requires a full day session. Further training can be booked as necessary at your request.

Support & Maintenance

Our tailored support agreement with your organisation enables you to contact our manned help desk by telephone or email regarding any issues you have with your Skynet software. It includes regular software upgrades which we will arrange at times convenient for you and without interrupting your business processes.

We make sure that you always use the latest version with the most up-to-date features at no extra cost. The system contains in-built help text and wizards to assist you in using it easily and efficiently.


Skynet has had a number of clients who asked for modifications to the standard Skynet software in order to accommodate their specific business processes. This can take place either at onset or later on.