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Key Features

  • Leading App for project managers using temporary staff/agency workers who want to be in full control of labour costs, capacity planning and compliance with UK employment law
  • Covers the full process of procuring, contracting and managing of approved recruitment agency workers, temporary staff and contractors
  • Scheduling tool allowing the project manager to see in real-time temporary staff and agency workers qualifications, time sheets, utilisation of capacity and detect early issues
  • Enables online administration of recruitment agency invoicing and follow-up
  • Customisable manager dashboards for straight-forward and professional HR & Project Management reporting without relying on Excel
  • Agency Worker Regulations data capture and audit trail for compliance with UK employment law. Includes automatically full Data Analytics functionality.
  • Ensures all agencies use the same time sheet input forms so streamlines data input and saves you management time
  • Allows for various levels of HR & Project Management authorisation​​

Key Benefits

  • Makes it easy for project managers of contractors and temporary workers to request and recruit temporary staff
  • Web-based App providing you with real-time access independent from your work location and time of day
  • Simplifies complex workforce scheduling tasks. Allows you to gain efficiency and to free up valuable management time from time-consuming administrative tasks
  • The candidate check lists give you peace of mind knowing you will select fully qualified and compliant agency workers and temporary staff on your projects
  • Provides the project manager with a full audit trail
  • Increases the transparency in agency pricing. Helps you gain more negotiation power and more efficient use of your project budget​​s
  • Our App saves you time and money by providing all of the tools needed to effectively run your project
Overview for Project Managers to assess capacity of their agency workers and temporary staff
Timesheets Dashboard


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