Provide your employees with easy access

Linked to our HR apps this web-based sub-app enables your employees to request holidays, absences and training, view their HR and Payroll information and, depending on their permission level, amend their own data, such as bank details and address, remotely. 

Booking Service

Allow employees to book their own holidays and absences, such as sick days, maternity leave training.

24/7 Service

Give your employees access anytime, anywhere with our online service available 24 hours, 7 days-a-week.

Clocking In System

If required this inbuilt optional app allows employees access anytime, from any location, to clock in and out for their working hours.


Simple requesting of holidays, absences and training  

Up to 3 levels of Line manager review and authorization

Real time updating and review of Employee entitlements such as holidays, TOIL etc.    

Employee data amendments can be optionally entered by the user and/or routed to the HR department, e.g. changing bank details or address


If linked to our Payroll app users can access current and historic payslips, P60s and other payroll definable outputs.

Integrates easily into other Skynet apps such as Time and Expenses, Resource Scheduling, Project Management 

GDPR Compliant

Leave Requests
Can be installed in standalone mode or fully integrated with any other SkyEnterprise software modules

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