Financial Forecasting & Budgeting in the Cloud

Providing financial professionals with 24/7 access, independent of office hours and location of work.

Scenario-based and collaborative financial modelling, allowing for decisions based on real-time financial data.

Key Features

  • Dynamic planning on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis
  • Create ‘What-if’-Scenarios to see the cash flow and liquidity impacts
  • Once developed for larger corporations operating across multiple locations and business models now modified to suit​ all businesses requiring professional and easy-to-use Cash Flow Forecasting beyond Excel spreadsheets​​
  • Treasurers/Finance Directors can drill down into the actual cash flow drivers and use transaction levels. The App allows for easy detection of the key sources of cash flow inflows and outflows, any current or upcoming cash flow shortfalls and periods of surplus
  • Pre-defined reporting facilities for P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow statements can be individually adjusted
  • Complete Excel integration, consolidating actual and planning figures in one data model with automated data transfers.

Key Benefits

  • Comprehensive yet transparent and easy to use
  • All your financial data integrates into one single product with no other ancillary Apps or software required
  • One secured and reliable database
  • Built-in financial logic allowing collaboration, communication and decision planning
  • Dynamic P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow statements based on accurate, real-time and complete financial data
  • Resulting forecasts based on the financial professionals well-chosen, company or departmental combination of cash flow drivers & assumptions
  • In-built software flexibility, customisable
  • Enhances strategic planning & performance management. Supports in detecting financial issues ahead of time
  • Enables Treasurers and Finance Directors to crunch numbers faster and produce ad hoc financial results

Contact Information

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