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SkyFinancials – Full budgeting, forecasting, controlling.
Streamline your operations, be in control.

In today’s international and competitive business world the need for timely and accurate financial information is strong, yet many businesses still deal with a number of financial data sources, different software systems and partly still departmental spreadsheets causing inconsistencies and unnecessary delays in receiving information. This is surprising as visibility into your company’s financial status and performance is crucial to driving effective business decisions.

Long-term viable business operations require equally your ability of forecasting potential business and competitor scenarios and calculating financial provisions for business growth. Our business financial software takes you through all three key stages: Budgeting, Forecasting and Controlling.

SkyFinancials is designed to  streamline your financial processes with controls and supports you in fulfilling complex legislative requirements.


View your financial data with our easy to use and fully customisable dashboard. 

Filter and view specific data

Choose and select dashboard layouts

Create and use multiple dashboard designs

  • Multi-company, multi-lingual and multi-currency
  • Accounts receivable, credit and collections management
  • Accounts payable, electronic funds transfer, automated order matching
  • Expense ledger links with Time & Expenses and other expense claims
  • General ledger, allocations, consolidations and eliminations
  • Ability to compare actual, forecast and budgeted figures in real-time
  • Cash book and cash management, bank reconciliation and statement interfaces
  • Data Analytics enabling the user to query any data held by the systems
  • Financial consolidation for enterprise-wide visibility and compliance
  • Sophisticated financial reporting functionality with standardized or custom-built dashboards
  • One-stop-shop In financial management for companies in any sector and of any size
  • Intuitive to use, no advanced Excel knowledge required
  • Easy to define who can use what elements of the accounting system
  • Quick access to key financial information e.g. balance sheets: managers can react faster
  • Real-time financial information
  • Customisable invoicing, statements and remittance advices. Get paid faster
  • Enables you to assess the impact of ‘what if’ scenarios before executing strategic decision
  • Streamlines the financial management of multiple business entities with different reporting tools
  • Enhanced consistency of results and compliance
  • Frees time for your finance team: they can focus on more strategic tasks, boosts departmental efficiency

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