Fleet Management

Stay up-to-date with all of your vehicles

Web-based flexible access to the information on the status, location and costs of your vehicle fleet and drivers.


Running costs

Save time and reduce fleet administration while managing and optimising your fleet operations, recording all fleet expenditure and cutting fuel costs.

Alerts and notifications

Create and manage vehicle tax control and renewal notifications for licence renewals, MOT, etc.

Accident and audit trails

Document accident and damage and process the cases digitally. Store records for future reference and security.

Managing your fleet

Manage fleet vehicle specifications and order tracking through to disposal. Maintain control of your feel and its costs, the cost allocation and vehicle & driver management. Comprehensive database included.

Reports and analysis

Fleet operators can run a range of reports from straightforward fleet lists to pence per mile analysis. Data associated with drivers using their own vehicles can be easily compiled and analysed.

Digital documentation

Store data digitally such as driver credentials, V5C registration certificates, MOT, insurance documents, license details, qualifications and medical requirements within the fleet management system.

Linked system

Our fleet management system links easily into and with our other planning systems such as Agency Worker ManagementHR & Payroll Management and Financial Management.

Support and training

Qualified user training will be provided for all employees using the fleet management system and an experienced support team is available to help with any bugs and problems.

Need more information?

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