Job Costing

Track time, job costs and resource usage levels with our web-based software App.

Productivity has doubled in Manufacturing within the last almost 20 years, whereas in Construction it has remained flat. Running multiple building jobs can be a significant challenge every project manager will be familiar with: tracking labour costs, managing the resources effectively, keeping an eye on the paperwork and at the same time making sure the projects are run profitably.

We designed this App to support all managers of capital-and labour-intensive projects:

Tested and approved by

  • Construction services companies & surveyors
  • Engineering consultancies
  • Environmental consultancies
  • Creative agencies

Key Features

  • Integrated job costing tool meaning full job cost control when working with freelancers, agency workers and third-party contractors as each job proceeds through its life-cycle
  • Allows you to review the company’s job cost plans and labour usage levels at a glance
  • Helps you to identify sources for improvement in productivity
  • Web-based data analytics features for quantity surveyors, building site-managers and project managers.
  • Powerful accounting features to include calculation of the cost of labour per given job and/or client project. Highlights changes in the average job costs and cost saving potentials
  • Flexible access and interfaces into other common project planning and financial systems
  • Customisable reporting suite and exporting

Key Benefits

  • Available as web-based App meaning access from anywhere @ anytime and results in real-time which frees up your management time
  • Increases the traceability of labour costs and improves productivity and profitability
  • Enables the project manager or site manager to review productivity, to identify sources for improvement, thus helps to keep a lid on job costs
  • Quickly identifies anomalies across jobs and group projects
  • Intuitive to use and easy to learn. Training will be provided
  • A key tool aimed at enabling you to meet the client’s requirements for delivering a profitable project within the time frames agreed

Job Costing can be used as a stand-alone application or it can be integrated with

and all of our other software tools.

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