Payroll Management

Modern, straight-forward, HMRC & GDPR compliant

Generate P60 forms

Produce P60 forms for your employees

Key Features

  • HMRC compliant payroll management system including auto-enrolment
  • Multi-company, multi-currency
  • Produces payslips and P60
  • Safe and secure database
  • Auto-enrolment and Benefits in Kind
  • Regularly updated according to the latest legislation
  • Data Analytics enabling the user to query any data held in their HR & Payroll database
  • Automatically calculates tax, NI, other statutory deductions and pension payments
  • Customisable reporting and data analytics functionality built-in
  • System is set-up for cross-border payroll requirements
  • Document management and workflow management
  • Allows for an unrestricted number of employees
  • Allows you to submit the payroll data online to HMRC via RTI

Key Benefits

  • Increases standardisation and compliance, reduces the risk and optimises your payroll processing efficiency
  • Flexible solution designed to meet the payroll needs of any business, scalable
  • Up to date with legislative changes so that you remain compliant
  • Your payroll is available at all times – ensuring timely and accurate payment to your employees and real-time records of all employees
  • Easily combinable with our HR Management, Time & Expense Management and Employee Self Service software modules

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