Project management made easy

Manage your company's projects with ease. Whether the focus is on a new project, fresh talent or the next quarter’s financial projections

Project Management Screenshot showing project control panel

Project management with ease and control.

SkyProject, our project management module, enables you to plan, organise, secure and manage your project resources to ensure successful completion.

We facilitate team collaboration, execution and ensure real time information is aligned to your goals and readily available in customisable form. The project management software follows information from tender (estimate) to automatic project creation through capturing costs internal and external to billing.

Key Features

Project accounting

Risk issue management

Team task lists with priority settings

Purchase Ordering


Capacity Planning

Take income as appropriate with the income recognition module

Time & Expenses management

Fees and/or time & material billing

Fully functional WIP ledgers showing current and historic movements

Fees and/or time & material billing

Resource management with collaborative functionality

Status overview, project schedule & budget variance against Critical Chain

Key Benefits

Multi company, multi currency

Detect early and stay in full control of task dates & dependencies

Track project and budget performance all in one sheet, easily compare estimated and actual labour & materials costs

Collaborate in real-time with your team independent of their location

Full additional use of our Data Analytics program, which enables you to interrogate the whole database and produce MI reports

Multiple export functionalities

Gantt Chart Functionality

Project Management Control Panel

Review of Client Balances