Time & Expenses

Time & expense tracking that works for employees and your company

Our time and expenses management software allows you to manage your time, resources and expenses from one simple app.

Gives control to your employees with, if required, management oversight of where your valuable resources are being employed  

Time & Expenses Management


Optimize your business by allowing employees to analyse and enter their time by project task or overhead prior to submission.



Allow employees to enter project based and overhead expenses however spent yet allowing for corporate governance ands guidelines. Add receipts, verify mileage, expect detailed explanation for certain type of expenditure prior to submission


If required, all time and expense entries will process through to a single or multi layered authorisation process enabling management oversight and corporate governance adherence.

The process allows management to approve and subsequently process or reject the teams submissions.


Globalisation and the advance of modern technology has led to an increasingly mobile workforce. Mobile employees are often under pressure to deliver results where work takes them, against declining expense budgets and a growing pressure on expense management & reporting.

This web-based solution enhances mobility by enabling tablet functionality as much as report submission and approval ‘On the Go’.

Time & Expense management software offers Intelligent Image Processing meaning photo recognition and scanning ability for receipts.

It gives managers complete visibility of all staff time sheets and expenses in one single data base, enables you to streamline the approval, reconciliation and expense reimbursement process.

Flexible Integration

Combine our time & expenses management software with our other apps.